She Found A Suitcase On The Train Tracks, Then Her Heart Sank

If it wasn’t for one woman and her dog, things might have ended much worse.

The woman and her pup were walking in a relatively abandoned area in England when they found an old suitcase on some train tracks. The woman didn’t really think anything of it, but her dog started to go nuts.

She stopped in front of the suitcase and suddenly heard a heartbreaking sound.


When she opened up the suitcase, the woman found a mother cat and her eight kittens who had been left for dead.

The woman took all the cats home and immediately got in contact with the RSCPA to see how she should proceed.

The Dodo

Each cat was cared for and treated for malnutrition. The mother cat, named Tarini, was scarily dehydrated so she was taken to intensive care while her kittens were kept at the RSPCA.

The Dodo

“She was kept at the vets as she was so dehydrated and needed a drip, but has since been moved to the cattery to be with her litter and is doing much better,” Amy De-Keyzer of the RSPCA said.

The kittens, only 5 weeks old, were given new names. Each was named after a character from the Disney movie The Aristocats: Toulouse, Tiny Tim, Scat Cat, Berloiz, Alli, Duchess, Marie and Eve.

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“The kittens are still too young to be rehomed and we need to make sure the mum is healthy enough before being rehomed,” De-Keyzer said.

For now, the kittens are getting lots of love and naps at the RSPCA. They’re all strong and healthy considering where they were found.

We’re happy that woman and her dog stopped for these little guys! Who knows what else would have happened if she hadn’t?

The Dodo