Rare Pygmy Hippo Makes First Public Appearance

Australia’s Taronga Zoo houses many animals including some who are very rare. Recently, a Pygmy Hippo gave birth to a little calf who only weighed 5kg and they finally introduced her to the world.

She is the first calf to be born since 2010, and is part of a project to try to prevent extinction. She doesn’t have a name just yet, but her mother Kambiri is apparently doing great.

“She’s very attentive and a great teacher, guiding the calf as she learns to swim and showing her what foods to eat,” zookeeper Renae Moss said of the new mom.

Pygmy hippos spend a lot of their time in the water so the mom has to teach the baby the best ways to hold their babies to hold their breath.

They fill the pond slowly so the calf has time to gain confidence in the water. “The calf is absolutely thriving. she’s putting on weight every day and she’s already got little rolls of fat around her neck,” Moss said.

It’s estimated that only about 2000 to 3000 pygmy hippos are left in the four countries they can be found. They are hard to find in the wild and have become endangered due to the loss of their habitats.

The Taronga Zoo plans to hold a competition to name the baby and continue on their process to prevent extinction for these adorable animals..